So far, so good. I have had two for two good days on eating. I know how small of a victory this is, but right now any progress is worth celebrating.

How about some news that might spark your interest:

Is Fructose Making You Fat? “Scientists have used imaging tests to show for the first time that fructose, a sugar that saturates the American diet, can trigger brain changes that may lead to overeating.

Of course, some say the Secret to Longer Life is Being Overweight?. Personally, I agree with many others who think BMI is Bunk. It’s too bad they chose this as their meter. If you don’t understand, peruse some of these photos at Illustrated BMI.

Speaking of sparks – I want to give a special shout out to Shannon over at Superwoman Spirit. Thanks for thinking of me – your encouragement came at a great time. Shannon’s not the only one I owe thanks to. You know who you are.

One thing I really miss about blogging is the relationships. Shannon brings up a good question though – have you found your spark? If so, what is it. For me, it is the same as it has always been: health! As I wrote a few days ago, even that had to be put on the back burner as I did what it took during some challenging times. Right now, at this very moment, I am happy to have the spark back.


7 Responses to “Spark”

  1. YAY!!!! Love that you have a spark :) So happy you are here!! Two days and counting for you that is good stuff!!


  2. We often have to re-acquire our good habits several times a year. Good on you Steve! If you don’t celebrate those small victories, then they may not grow and grow into more spectacular ones!


  3. Every victory, however big or small, is a victory to be celebrated. And health is THE most important reason to look after our bodies – in every way.
    Funny enough, I think I learned that from a great guy called Steve…
    On and at ’em!


  4. Yahoo for the spark back!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for fructose – I don’t care whether they used BMI or not, that stuff is evil! 😉


  5. Yippee for the spark!


  6. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2013 Steve. I will always thank you for sparking me to blog in 2009.


  7. Getting our spark back is a good thing! May we have a healthy 2013 filled with good choices and lots of encouragement and support for each other.


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