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I’m Still Standing | Log My Loss

I’m Still Standing

Wow, this is a dusty place, isn’t it? Hardly a day goes by where I don’t think about this blog, but it has been a long time since I opened the door and came in.

I want to start off by thanking the few of you that have contacted me recently and in the past. Truly, the friends I made through this blog are still people that are on my mind often. Every single one of you made an impact in my life and for that I thank you all.

Some of you have asked what is going on in the life of South Beach Steve. Life has been busier than ever, and in fact too busy. Even so, things are good right now. I’ll try to hit the highlights here:

  • First, the problems I wrote about earlier this year have totally subsided. I need to do a whole post about this, and truly I feel I owe this to all of you. I need to devote more time to a post like that, and I am not prepared to do that this morning.
  • Second, my weight is finally stable, though it is much higher than I would like it to be or than it needs to be. I have not lost all the progress I made during my dedicated weight-loss efforts, but I have gained much of that weight back. I can also tell my fitness level is far from where it once was.

    I often said I couldn’t tell a big difference in how I felt as I progressed with my journey to a healthier and more fit Steve, but I can sure tell the difference now.

  • I have learned something big about myself, something I think I have known for a long time, but was reinforced so strongly during the last couple of years, and even more so during this year, that I now cannot question it. I have learned that as dedicated as I can be to something, there is only so much Steve to go around. I consider myself to be a mentally strong person, but just like I have learned about my body, I cannot focus on more than one thing at a time. Most of the time that is okay, but when more than one major thing is going on, something has to give. In other words, when the going gets tough, I have to make decisions on what to give up. It was arguably the wrong decision, but I obviously gave up, or rather set aside for the time being, my weight loss journey.
  • Next, I have learned that I needed to try harder to stay on task with this. Ultimately, my overall well-being is impacted by my level of fitness and the extra weight I carry around. I can’t change the past, but I can change the future.
  • Finally, I learned that a dead, quiet blog can still garner attention. You wouldn’t believe the number of contacts I get to review products or soliciting an opportunity to do a guest post. If someone I knew wanted to guest post here, I would be more than willing to work with that person, but a total stranger who I know nothing about? I’m not finding a real interest in that right now. The product reviews, however, are tempting, but I realize I cannot in good conscience take someone up on that right now.

Work has been the “busy” part of my life. I have been on the road traveling a lot lately, but thankfully that is coming to a close. My job has been extraordinarily intense, but like the travel, I think the intense spell is coming to a close.

While a lot has been going on, there are things that are still the same. Even more than ever I have looked to photography and gardening as means of relaxation and rejuvenation. Believe it or not, I am actually still growing some greens right now in a homemade hoop house/greenhouse.

I am not sure what the future is here on the blog. To be honest, I miss it. As I sit here writing today, I am more aware of that than ever. I have to admit though, I enjoyed being the motivator, not the one that needed motivating. Right now, I am the one that needs motivating.

I appreciate the care you have each shown, especially those that have left comments and sent private emails. It is so encouraging to know that people out there still care. Who knows, this little visit to the blog today may be a new beginning here.

No matter what you are facing now, no matter where you are at in your life, know that you can make today a great day!


8 Responses to “I’m Still Standing”

  1. So glad to hear from you Steve! Happy Holidays 😀


  2. Yes, it is good to hear from you Steve, I do hope you will come back on a regular basis. It does help even to just talk about day to day stuff I’ve found. Hope you have Happy Holidays!!!


  3. So glad to hear from you, Steve! Have a Merry Christmas and look forward to hearing more in the future.


  4. So good to hear from you!!!! Steve, I am like you, one thing at a time.. but for me that means when I am working, it is tough to do other things like a full time blog BUT I always schedule in time for my workouts even when I am working & I have worked 60+++ hours a week & still worked out & ate well. I think we have to just make choices on what is best for us. You do NOT have to work out all at once. Three 10 or 15 minute walks or two 20 minute workouts spread throughout the day.. whatever works for you!!! Eating – small daily choices – just keep trying & do not give up on your health!!!!


  5. There you are!!! Nice to see a post from you.

    Hope you and your family had a fantastic Christmas!


  6. This post touched me so, Steve. First, for having you back here. Second, for the self-awareness and renewed purpose I see in this post. Third, for the song that is now in my mind. =) ‘Looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid!’

    All the best for a GREAT new year for you!


  7. Hi Steve
    Wonderful! Love that you are back and, better yet, problem free. :-)
    It’s fantastic to see that good ole Steve commitment again and see you looking forward to a new year when you say things like “I can’t change the past, but I can change the future” – that truly is great!
    I’ll echo what Jody says, that everything doesn’t have to be done at once. One step at a time and I know you’ll soon be back to not needing motivation from anyone else but spurring us lot on to better things.
    Have a splendid 2013!


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