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Weigh-In, Measurements, and Goals | Log My Loss

Weigh-In, Measurements, and Goals

So this is the first weigh-in in four weeks!  It is also the first official weigh-in on my new scale.  By the way, have you seen my video review of the EatSmart Precision Premium Bathroom Scale yet?  The one problem with this scale is it weighs seven pounds heavier than my last scale.  SEVEN POUNDS!  I love the scale, but seven pounds is alot!  :-)  Anyhow, that makes my redline 202 instead of 195.  Now to get back to a redline of 195.

Speaking of redline . . .

Yes, I am way over redline.  Ten pounds over redline!  I am at 212.  That’s right, my weight is a whopping 212 pounds.

Considering the scale change-up, that still is a 9.5 pound gain in the last four weeks!  It is also a half pound gain in the last week.  I really thought I was coming in for a loss this week, but apparently I am retaining some water from yesterday or something.  I am not going to give the rundown of increases or decreases in measurements since I didn’t report last week, just know that most of them are gains.  Here are the new measurements though:  Body fat: 27%, BMI: 31.3, Neck: 17.25″, Chest: 46.125″, Stomach: 42″, Waist: 38.625″, Thigh: 22″, Calves: 15.75″, Biceps: 13″, Forearms: 12″.

My goal for this week is just to get back on track.  I will exercise at least three days.  It may be basic, but I will exercise three days.  I will also do much better with my eating.  When I report back next week, you should expect to see a much different report.

Note: The fine folks at EatSmart donated a scale for my review; nevertheless, all you are going to get here is an honest review of the scale.  If you are interested in purchasing one, I suggest you check out their scale on Amazon.com.


7 Responses to “Weigh-In, Measurements, and Goals”

  1. Just catching up Steve. I hope that you are able to get back on track. That slippery slope really can be slick, can’t it?

    Acknowledging is always the first step to turning things around.


  2. Hi Steve.. yes, back to basics Steve. I know things have been rough but the thing about life is there is always going to be something.. always! You need to get back to it & stick with the consistency no matter what. Plan your treats in like I do but STOP there until you get to a certain point & even then ya have to be diligent. I wrote a post awhile back about this.. how we get complacent & little by little the pounds sneak on & 3-6 months later, all you know what has broken lose.

    Family history Steve. You need to break it!



  3. You certainly sound more empowered! I have no doubt you can do this! Go Steve!


  4. That is a huge difference between scales! It would be interesting to take one when you get weighed at a doctor’s office to compare and see which is correct. If either!!


    South Beach Steve Reply:

    As much as I hate to admit it, the new scale is more accurate. I have always thought my docs scales weighed me heavy — about 5-7 pounds. It seems I might have been thinking too much of my scale at the time. :-)


  5. Like Jody said…back to basics is the place to start. Good luck this week!


  6. When I got my new scale it added 6-8 pounds back on my weight. Boy was I not happy. Oh I know the other was old and just more friendly. I still don’t think this new one likes me.
    Keep up the great work Steve. You’ll get back to it. Your goals for this week are excellent.
    Take care Steve and God Bless!!


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