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Healthy Eating | Log My Loss

Healthy Eating

Another good day – breakfast and lunch were both weight loss portions.  Dinner was not as good – two bowls of homemade vegetable beef soup.  All-in-all the day was fine though.

Tomorrow is one of my more challenging days.  It is my monthly leadership class meeting, which means two of the three meals are provided.  I am seriously considering IF for tomorrow.

Here’s another headline for you: American’s Think Their Diet is Healthy.

“Americans tend to give themselves high marks for healthy eating, but when we asked how many sugary drinks, fatty foods, and fruits and veggies they consumed, we found that their definition of healthy eating was questionable,” said Nancy Metcalf of Consumer Reports Health, which conducted the poll.

I think the words “definition of healthy eating” is the key here.  :-)


10 Responses to “Healthy Eating”

  1. Mmmm, homemade vegetable beef soup. Sounds awesome. Did you make it? If so was it as lean as possible? I can’t see it being that bad for you. Cheers, Rick


    South Beach Steve Reply:

    No, I didn’t make it, but my wife did. She is a far better cook than I. :-) The meat was lean and the veggies were all low GI veggies, which is good on my plan.


  2. I made vegetable beef soup today as part of my snow day activities.

    I wouldn’t fret over two bowls of healthy goodness…you are on the right track again!


  3. I’m with Rick and Kimberley, a home made soup can’t pack in that many calories, unless made by a butter-hungry cook, right? I bet it was fine. Good luck tomorrow. By the way, I had a day of unintentionally long fasting when I got my bloodwork done (ate dinner at 9pm Sunday night and then couldn’t eat until 4pm on Monday), and my overriding thought all day, as I waited patiently to gnaw the heck out of a bagel, was “how does steve do this as often as he does?!” You must be made of strong stuff.


    South Beach Steve Reply:

    Ish, I do think I am an exception to the rule. I generally find the fasting fairly easy. Not always though.


  4. Home made is the only way to go. You know exactly what’s in there. It really sounded good.
    How’s your foot/ankle/leg doing? Just curious about it and worried too.
    Keep up the great work Steve. You’ll get back to where you want to be in no time at all.
    Take care and God Bless!!


  5. lol, healthy eating…I haven’t seen a lot of people do alot of it.
    My mil thought eating potatoes and fried chicken was healthy.
    She thought corn was a vegetable.
    She thought of ice cream as a dairy.
    I blame the food pyramid…it throw quinoa in with white bread.
    It’s ridiculous.


  6. Ah yes, there are a wide variety of ideas out there about what constitutes healthy eating! And I suppose that will continue as long as industry sponsors education…

    I think you did great yesterday, Steve. Good job!


  7. I have to tell you Steve, I have kinda come to a conclusion that part of our problem in America today is that even when we decide to “eat healthy” we eat unhealthy sized portions. I am of the opinion that if you don’t eat too much “healthy food” in the first place, you can’t get too much of anything, calories, fat and carbs included.

    Glad to see you are gaining traction and headed in the right direction practice wise and attitude wise. go Steve!!


  8. Steve – keep up the good work. FIND THE BETTER choices at these meetings OR scrape crap off the food if there are sauces you don’t want on there. Who cares what others think. This is about your health! :-)

    As for what people say but don’t do.. does not surprise me.. like my posts on people fooling themselves cause they don’t want to know the truth…


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