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Still Hobbling (with pics) | Log My Loss

Still Hobbling (with pics)

So I keep talking about my foot.  I finally decided to take a picture of it last night:

As you can see, my left foot is considerably larger than my right foot.  Even though I had been on this much of the day, it is about this same size the first thing in the morning.  The funny thing is that this isn’t really impairing my walking, although it hurts.  I have more trouble sleeping than walking, as I have trouble getting it into a comfortable position.  The last thing I want to do is try to turn over in bed while the covers are laying on this foot.

Eating today was much better than the last couple of days, unfortunately I am going to pay for my last couple of days tomorrow.  Lax eating and salty pumpkin seeds on my way home last night are not a good mix.

There was no exercise today.  Instead, I have just been trying to stay off of this foot and take it easy today.  Tomorrow is more of the same.

I took one other funny picture while I was out traveling this past week:

I don’t know if you can read this sign or not, but they are selling fried bologna, fried gizzards, and fried livers.  The funny thing is that I wasn’t even in a place that is considered “the South”.  I would expect this kind of sign in my home state or those south of here, but not north of here.


10 Responses to “Still Hobbling (with pics)”

  1. Your foot sure does look swollen and painful. Are you headed to the doc soon?

    Funny pic and funny things to eat. I have eaten only one of those three things before…I will let you guess which one.

    How is your grandmother-in-law doing?


    South Beach Steve Reply:

    I am hoping to go to the doc Monday. I have to look at my schedule first though. I’ll probably go in early Monday morning so I can clear my calendar for the rest of the morning.

    My grandmother-in-law is doing better, but that isn’t to say she is doing good. I really thought she had days to live last weekend, but she seems to have gotten past that hurdle. Her days are probably still short though. They are keeping her on some pretty heavy drugs right now to reduce her pain.

    Oh, my guess is the bologna.


    Kimberley Reply:

    Glad to hear that your grandmother-in-law is not suffering too much.

    Right on with the bologna…and not for a long, long time.


  2. Man! Sorry to hear about your foot, hope if feels better soon! Yeah, that sign is something is something else, they should name the joint “Uncle Joe’s Heart Attack Shack!”


  3. Oh dear, that foot does not look well. I am sorry you are in such distress. Er… I think perhaps you might want to see a doctor, no? I don’t want to be a bossy boots, but aside from a sprain, I can think of no inconsequential reason it would be so puffy. Please consider getting it checked out. I am a total hypochondriac, it’s true, but truth be told… I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.


  4. I don’t like the look of that at all… Glad you’re having it checked out tomorrow.

    I find that when I have an ache or a pain, it’s sometimes better to sleep on the couch, because then I can’t move around much. Works for me!


  5. TO THE DOC STEVE!!!! Hugs!


  6. I’m so sorry about the foot! Ouch ouch ouch. Feel better.

    Also, oh goodness about the fried food – is there anything they WON’T fry these days??


  7. I hope your foot gets better soon! :)


  8. Hope for foot gets better real soon Steve!


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